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How the Menu Works



The Menu was an original idea I have generated while playing around with creating a food menu. I had doesn't ALWAYS have to be the theme of menus. Why not apply a menu system to other aspects of learning / self-growth practices? So that's what I'll be doing ;) ...creating a delicious, heart-watering menu for you to nourish your mind, body, and soul. 

How Appetizer works

The purpose of the Appetizer is to regulate your nervous system and brain plasticity in order to expand consciousness. During the appetizer, new neural pathways are formed. This promotes your brain to rewire itself and be more adaptive to change. This is the perfect state to implement positive change. It stimulates your appetite to start taking action from the Main Course which is explained on the next slide. :) 

Self-Forgiveness Menu 

Self-Acceptance Menu 

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