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About Mindful Mermel

Fun fact on what Mermel is:

My deep connection with the (Mer)maid realm + my name (Mel)ina = Mermel.


Mindful Mermel is for those who want to explore unique ways of regenerating the mind, body, and soul. We will wander the deep(sea) journey of mindfulness, spirituality, and science in order to achieve a healthy state of consciousness. When we reach a healthy state of consciousness, this allows us to cultivate a growth mindset and compassion towards ourselves and to others.


Mindful Mermel's mission is to provide you an elixir of content infused with spirituality, philosophy, and science that is thoroughly researched, personally experienced, and easy to digest. My goal is to break down abstract, complex topics into fun, simple narratives and captivating visuals so anyone at any comprehension level can learn. Who you are and whatever background you have is accepted and honored. My passion is to share information in hopes to cultivate self-compassion while encouraging a growth mindset because you are the source of your own transformative journey.  

About Me

  • Mermaid inside a human body

  • Full-time explorer

  • Student of everything

  • Passionate in doing the following things:

    • Research / Learning

    • Personal Growth

    • Writing

    • Music Production

    • Content Creation 

    • Graphic Illustration

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